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The Hartland Volunteer Fire Company has been proudly serving its community since 1970. Located in the heart of Gasport, NY, the company provides fire protection and emergency response services to the Gasport community. The Fire Department’s mission is to prevent the loss of life and property.

In addition to responding to fires, the Hartland Volunteer Fire Company also responds to medical emergencies, motor vehicle accidents, rescue calls, and incidents involving hazardous materials.

Our Officers

As we recently completed the election process for 2023, our member roster and ranks are shown below. Members of our fire department are dedicated members of the surrounding community.  Becoming a volunteer firefighter is a commitment that our officers take very seriously. As an officer, you are a direct front-line representative for your community. Officers greet the public in many different scenarios, from the wide-eyed child that wants to grow up and be a firefighter to the family who stares at the charred remains of their lives work, becoming a volunteer first responder takes dedication and determination, and we are proud to announce the members for 2023.

Bryan Ames

Bryan Ames

Fire Chief

Rusty Ames


Carleen Baughman


Interior Firefighters

  • Bryan Ames   /  Chief
  • Russell Ames **  /Secretary/EMS Captain
  • Zachary Ames   /  Treasurer/Head Trustee/Fire Lieutenant
  • Carleen Baughman**  /  President
  • Paul Baughman  /  Vice President
  • John Cirillo
  • Tyler Cirillo 
  • Alexander Jenks
  • Andrew Jenks  / Fire Captain
  • Joseph Mahar / 1st Assistant Chief
  • James Minner   
  • James Roessler  2nd  Assistant Chief / Sergeant at Arms
  • Adam Conley**/2nd Year Trustee/Fire Lieutenant
  • Nick Daningburg / 3rd Assistant Chief

Exterior Firefighters

  • Fred Baldwin   
  • Mark Davis
  • Herman Josey
  • Jazmine Michel**/EMS Lieutenant
  • Tom Sullivan / Fire Police Captain

Scene Support

  • Anna Seiler **/Chaplain/EMS Lieutenant
  • Jake Cirillo

** = EMT

Fire Police

  • David Michalak  
  • Leon Higbee

Junior Firefighters

  • Paul Baughman, III
  • Lexi Brazzell
  • George Fisher
  • Villette Jary
  • Alaina Kusnierczak
  • William Kusnierczak
  • Brayden Lute
  • Joe Mahar, Jr.
  • Alayna Minner
  • Makayla Roessler
  • Christopher Seib

Other Status

  • Michael Carnes
  • Brian Gross
  • Clifford Johnston
  • Kimberly Roessler
  • John Ward
  • Bernard Berger

want more information on volunteering?

Call Us Anytime: (716) 735-3283

Firehall ADDRESS:

8945 Ridge Road

Gasport, NY 14067

Ph: 716. 735. 3283